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China business electronics

Founded in 2012, China commercial Electronics Co., Ltd. was mainly engaged in the design and production of automobile connecting line, aviation connecting line and equipment connecting harness, serving many automobile manufacturing enterprises such as Benz, Audi, Infiniti and many domestic automation industrial enterprises.

In order to better recommend China's excellent technology to the world, in 2019, the company, together with the University of Electronic Science and technology and the leading team and personnel in domestic sensor technology, established a sensor business department in Chengdu, engaged in the research, development, design and product manufacturing of ultrasonic sensors, highway speed measuring equipment, carbon fiber lightning rod, wireless power supply technology. In China, ultrasonic sensing technology is the world of our team. We will do our best to provide you with the best solution. Adhere to the customer's position and application needs, relying on a deep understanding of relevant professional technology and a large number of practical engineering experience. In the field of automobile safety system and industrial detection system ultrasonic sensor, we have very advanced technology and experience. Provide a complete set of perfect services such as professional consultation, design, product and technical support for China's mainstream automobile enterprises, and enjoy good reputation.

Provide a complete set of ultrasonic sensor solutions and products from industry 4.0 to intelligent manufacturing intelligent factory.We are full of enthusiasm for ultrasonic sensing technology and innovative leadership technology, committed to become your current and future partners.With our expertise, we provide you with specific solutions and integrate them into your process.

About intellectual property.

We China commercial Electronics Co., Ltd. have a number of invention patents and utility model patents to ensure that our business activities are not affected.

At the same time, when the customized products involve others' patents, we also need you to provide us with patent authorization to ensure that there is no infringement of our work.

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