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Ultrasonic sensor series products

Our existing ultrasonic sensor products are designed according to the common products in the market. The outer tube size and technical data are common to the existing products of the same specification. Of course, we can also customize special technical parameters according to your requirements.

After our establishment, China's sensor products are no longer simply copied, because we have independent design and production capacity.

Only a part of our sensor products are introduced in the specification. Our product categories and use occasions are increasing every day. Please contact us directly to put forward your requirements. We will contact you as soon as possible. I'm sure you'll get a surprise.

Our original chip packaging technology and algorithm enable our sensors to achieve unprecedented stability, each batch of products are strictly controlled within the tolerance range, and suitable for small batch and large batch production and manufacturing.

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Carbon fiber composite lightning rod

QIDI high-performance carbon fiber composite lightning rod series is the practical application of our company's joint partners in the fields of aerospace and non-ferrous metals for the conversion of military technology to civil use; it is the optimal lightning rod for the radar station under extreme weather conditions.

The lightning arrester is made of titanium alloy, which uses the characteristics of high resistance of titanium, adjusts the alloy ratio, controls the resistance of the needle body, scientifically optimizes the length and inner diameter of the needle body, ensures the resonance with the lightning wave during the lightning receiving, and has the maximum impedance at the peak value of the lightning current, so as to limit the amplitude of the discharge current, reduce the harm of electromagnetic radiation, and reduce the impact on the down lead and the grounding grid; the support rod is made of carbon fiberfor aerospacecompound material..

  • Light weight and high strength.
  • Strong ability to reduce lightning current.
  • Excellent shock resistance and insulation.

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Automobile harness industrial harness

Our products widely used for computer, electronics, medical, telecommunication, military, automotive, industrial and other high performance electronic OEM.

QIDI CN is a professional enterprise mainly engaged in the production of Electronic cable, Wiring Harness, cable assembly, Electronic accessories and Electronic connectors,The company’s business has widened development and it has great improvement on quality after the ISO9001, UL Certificate implement. .

  • We can provide our customers with competitive pricing with the same level of quality performance by using locally sourced equivalent components.
  • We have the expertise in manufacturing Automotive wire/cable harnesses, TS16949 and ISO9001-2015 certified.
  • Fast delivery.

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