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Sensor / IntelliSense product group

$126/ PIC

The sensor with the performance closest to that of P+F

  • Distance0.35-4M
  • Five output modes
  • Power less than 100hw
  • Enhanced Security
  • Temperature compensation

Portable retractable carbon fiber lightning rod

$3260/ PIC

For fire fighting, communication and emergency site

  • Lightweightportable
  • High and low range
  • Suitablefor all-weather use
  • Strong corrosion resistance
  • Heavyload

Fully customized electronic harness products

$??/ PIC


  • Automotive Harness
  • Cable Assembly
  • Wire Harness Harness
  • Enhanced Security
  • Low voltage line
Sensor fusion and embedded system make the equipment more intelligent,We are full of enthusiasm for ultrasonic sensing technology and innovative leadership technology, committed to become your current and future partners.


Who are we?

The sensor business department of China Business Electronics Co., Ltd. (QIDI) is a high-tech team relying on a strong RF technology team to provide wireless energy transmission solutions for various industries, such as wireless charging solutions, speed measuring radars, ultrasonic sensors, millimeter wave radars, microwave antennas.

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What we do?

As the pioneer of domestic self-designed research, cooperates with the top domestic research institutions and utilizes the core technology accumulated over the years to realize low cost, high precision and high performance. We are seeking extensive cooperation in the fields of artificial intelligence and driverless driving, and actively promoting products to the world.

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Questions and answers

1What technology can you offer?
Our team mainly provides ultrasonic sensor technology, wireless power supply technology, automobile auxiliary driving system, carbon fiber lightning rod, as well as traditional customized services for automobile, aviation and electronic harness.
2How is your technical ability?
We have been working for 20 years in the field of ultrasonic sensors for automotive safety systems and industrial detection systems. We have provided professional consultation, design, product and technical support and a complete set of perfect services for China's mainstream automobile enterprises, and enjoy good reputation. We are full of enthusiasm for ultrasonic sensor technology and innovative leading technology, and are committed to becoming your current and future partners.
3Are you your own intellectual property?
Our team has a number of invention patents and utility model patents to ensure that our standardized products are not affected in business activities. If customized harness products involve patents we do not have, we need to be authorized by customers to produce.



We have a number of invention patents and utility model patents to ensure that our business activities are not affected.

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Why cooperate with us?

In many competitive enterprises, why do customers choose to cooperate with us for a long time?



No disclosure of customer and product information.

Product stability

Ensure that the performance of different batches of products is consistent.

Technical support

More and better solutions for customers to choose from when they need them.

A small order is welcome

As a location-based technical service, we have no special requirements for the order quantity, and we also carefully serve small orders.